hsby Heather Styles
February 2, 2013


In a shocking revelation, pop star Beyoncé Knowles admitted to hoaxing Notre Dame football player Manti Te'o by claiming to be a smitten Hawaiian girlfriend via the internet and phone conversations for over a year.
"I never thought anyone would get hurt," she told Dr. Phil on his ABC show.
Te'o was nationally embarrassed after finding out longtime girlfriend, Lennay Kekua, had not only not died of leukemia but never actually existed in the first place.
Knowles claimed she did it to escape the boredom that comes with being a gorgeous, famous millionaire raising a child with Jay-Z.
"It's just so tedious," Knowles said.
"I wish I'd known," said a distraught Te'o, "I would've just told people I was dating Beyoncé. That beats the cancer-girl story."
"I'm so ashamed," said Knowles, "I haven't felt this bad since..."
"Since what?" Dr. Phil coaxed.
"Since I told Kelly and Michelle that Destiny's Child would be together forever."
While she can never take back the humilation she's caused Te'o, possibly costing him the Heisman Trophy, she is trying to patch things up with her former bandmates.
"I'm letting them be my backup singers at my Super Bowl halftime show," she said. "Yeah, it's just stuff from my solo albums. Why?"

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