AMC Apologizes- 'That High School Teacher Doc Never Should Have Aired'



  by Heather Styles
15 Minutes magazine
June 30, 2013


Cable network AMC apologized Monday morning for airing a documentary about a deeply disturbed high school chemistry teacher who turned to a life of crime.

"Seriously, our bad," said Paul Rehrig, Senior VP of Development at AMC Networks. "That High School Teacher Doc Never Should Have Aired."

Rehrig admitted they should have stopped shooting upon learning that the main subject, Walter White, was dying from cancer.

"Long before he was killing people left and right, or even cooking meth, he was a deeply disturbed man we should have steered clear of," said Rehrig.

AMC would like to apologize to the families of the 17 associate producers and camerapersons killed throughout 2008 and 2009, the rise and fall of White's drug empire.

"Sure, we stretched it out into five years of primo primetime entertainment," said Rehrig, "but how many lives were destroyed? I suppose we should have just called the cops in the begining. Live and learn, I guess."


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