15 Questions with King James

LeBron James Speaks Just Hours After Winning His Second World Championship Against the Spurs

by Heather Styles
June 22, 2013


LBJ: Hey- how did you get in here?

I'm supposed to ask the questions, silly. How does it feel to be the champion again?
Um, great... did Charlie let you in here? CHARLIE!

Don't worry about him, we've got a few minutes to ourselves.
What- what does that mean?

You had an upill battle against San Antonio. Did you ever question whether or not you guys would make it?
What did you do to Charlie?

Again- I've got the Q's, you just worry about the A's... like this one.
Please put that back on.

But it's getting so warm in here. Do you ever take a hot bath after a win like that?

A dip in the jacuzzi could go a long way to loosening up those big, tight muscles.
I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.

But why? We're just getting this interview started.
Sorry, lady. I'm afraid to be alone in a room with you right now.

You could answer questions while I give you a full-body massage. FULL body.
You gotta go.

Or you could bend me over the couch and do what you did to Cleveland.

(Sadly, LeBron's security chief Charlie regained consciousness and interupted us. Still, I feel we shared a special connection, and he'll grant me future interviews, once we get this restraining order cleared up.)

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