The Wonderful World of Cell Phones


  1. Is this type of advertising credible, or does it risk a backlash of resentment from the intended audience?
  2. What does the paper risk by involving a known reporter?
  3. How much does the leaked memo (below) hurt the ad's intent?
  4. Since companies exist to enrich the stockholders, wouldn't it be irresponsible of a corporation to not use every means at its disposal to push its products and services? What does this say about corporate ownership of news outlets?

Rewrite and design a more honest full-page ad for Jones Mobile.


by Conner Notgonnaputmynameonthisshit
Post Manhattan Reporter
August 2, 2009
Is P.F. Jones?
Aren't cell phones grand?
They're little, everyone has one and they've changed our lives.
Just think- 15 years ago no one had a cell phone but today you can't live without one.
Your ability to be in constant contact with friends, family and coworkers make you a
coordinated army.
It's like the cops.
Remeber the 1920's, when you could evade a policeman or even kill him and get away with it?
That's why cops use radios and cell phones today- because it makes them an army.
You and your friends can do the same.

Nowadays, your cell phone doesn't just connect you to your friends and family, but the whole world.

You never have to miss breaking news, viral videos or your 8th grade lab partner's updates on her dance-erobics.
And how cool is texting?
Don't you feel like James Bond- sending a secret message from the darkness of your local movie theater, without anyone knowing you just told Jimmy "eat w/o me. had bk."

And what did we do before camera phones?
I mean, instead of telling people what happened, you can SHOW them.
So now Vicky has a 15-second video of her boyfriend making out with Donna- not just your word.
Or you can show the world that Justin Timberlake shops at Target.
Or the ultimate get- Chrone Osphere using his camera phone to prove that our boss, P.F. Jones, has his own time machine-
Not that any of us believe him.
The point is- we all love our cell phones.
And we know the best place to get the best phones and service is our sister company, Jones Mobile.
Their helpful, friendly associates will not only help you find the right phone, but also show you how to do the most with it.
They'll show you how to email during a conference call, text while you download a song or even how to Google while Twittering while driving.
Because that's the future.
Cell phones will take us there.
And Jones Mobile will help us along the way.

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