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a Time

Part 2: A Night on the Town
with P.F. Jones
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I Saw Men Fly
in the Sity!

RODNEYs window opened up to a metal room in the sky!
ZELDA walked out and could see the whole SITY below!
people looked like CRUMS, or those things that crawl around at PIKNIKS.
i looked up and saw two men running on top of the buildings.
they jumped and flew like the NEIGHBORS CAT.
they pointed TOYS at each other and crashed into all sorts of stuff.
they were having so much FUN!
the men started to run out of view, so ZELDA went up the metal STAIRS to see more.
at first ZELDA was scared because you could see down to the ground though the STAIRS.
when ZELDA got up to the top, ZELDA could see everything!
ZELDA was on top of the SITY!
ZELDA saw the two men running, but now they were right by each other.
the light guy jumped on the dark man and they both fell!
just then the air changed-
everything got cold and windy.
the metal STAIRS by ZELDA were shaking.
ZELDA realized that all the STAIRS on all the buildings in the SITY were shaking faster and faster.
it made a weird noise that hurt ZELDAS ears.
ZELDA looked back at the two men, but now they were a BALL of light...
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The Mission
How Time Travel Works

So P.F. Jones ran leaping rooftop-to-rooftop, and I trailed a short distance behind.
I had to physically catch him before he got back to the dustbuster, or he'd slip through my fingers again.
I jumped from one roofedge over a side street to another, nearly falling from the loose brick I landed on.

Another Jones appeared and tried to kick me in the face.
I made a mental note and watched as a future Chrone collided with the Jones and both fell to a fire-escape below.
Great, I thought. More to do later.
You get used to such diversions in time travel.
It meant that P.F. would probably get away this time, but you can't let things like that discourage you-
The future is always up for grabs.

P.F. -my P.F.- lept 25 feet up a brick wall, landed on it like a fly and started climbing up to the next roof.
I got a running start and got about 20 feet up the wall myself.
I wouldn't have thought I could do that before, but between the inversion core and the isolation field, I'm pretty sure the timeship is changing me.
I see the deep, empty eyes in the mirror, the hair in the drain-
Funny, I used to think Jones was bald by choice.

I scaled the wall in hot pursuit, only to look up into the eyes of, well, me -a future me -diving straight down.
What the fuck are you doing, I asked future me with my eyes.
Getting them, future me responded with his eyes.
I looked down just in time to see him clothesline two Jones creeping up behind me.
I got to the top of the wall just in time to see my P.F. jump off the other side.
I ran and dropped a good 30 feet into the ventilation hoods on the next landing.
A Jones shot at me from the building behind.
A Chrone fired back from ahead of me.
I'd have to save some ammo for those shots.
Still, I pulled my baretta out before trudging forward.

I got within 20 feet of him when I saw the dustbuster glimmering from a recessed rooftop below.
Jones drew his gun and fired back at me.
Now, I'm not saying I can dodge bullets, but you'd have to be a killer shot to hit me running.
In attempting to aim at me, Jones slowed down enough for me to tackle him.

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We fell off the roof's edge with our gun barrels planted under each other's jaws.
As we fell, I was overcome by a flash of warm light and the sensation of a thousand needles piercing my skin.
The world spun faster around me until my eyes felt like they were going to fly out of my skull.
Jones and I finally -from what I could tell- blew up.
For a split second I thought the whole world had exploded.
Then my back hit the side of a building that was still very much intact.
I crumpled onto a roof below like a pile of laundry.

Jones must have recovered faster, because I heard the dustbuster power up.
I looked up to see the underside of its golden hull shimmer through the spectrum of colors before returning to gold.
The ship came about in the night sky and phased out of the moment.
It was replaced by rain and car alarms going off in the distance.
Police sirens joined them and got closer.
Jones had won again.
I had to get out of there.
Not only that- I had to go back and have that same fight three more times.
Otherwise I might lose my life instead of just losing the battle.
I can't let Dr. Peterman die in vain.
Nor can I let Jones win.
We all die if he does.
Time to get back to work.

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