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Date Unknown

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(Editor's Note: This isn't a column, per se, but rather an automated transmission from Chrone's cerebral stenographer. Normally we wouldn't consider this content, but we spent billions on this program, so we have to print something.)

Cerebral Stenographer [Active]
Cortical Stimulators [Active] For [1327.34] hours
Auto Log Transmission [753531253377784131]
STC [x=2545534654. 39600004538700 .00000063453742733737 .4578434745563743. 7862143737937937.58] [y=53454240574593575. 55457545754585301. 4504504. 554524] [z=98633707505720720057075075. 4527827520240732072. 752545277254274078207.2] [t=7453436. 5. 620450440402200120450. 4. 046.4527040024542. 4542]

All work and no play makes Chrone a dull boy. All work and no play makes Chrone a dull boy. All work and no play makes Chrone a dull-
Do you remember back the day we met?
(OOOOO- Jones talked to me! What an honor!)
You said-
"You're a time traveling reporter or you're an unemployed piece of shit."
What a guy.
(back and forth, back and forth, back and forth)
But that's not all you said.
Before you left the room- you looked back at me with those starless eyes, and said
"This gets harder."
Well it did.
I didn't know know what you meant then but I'm starting to figure it out.
Was I meant to be a distraction?
Who puts a drunk who in charge of a time machine?
What put your supposed "faith" in me?
Was it the way I was fired from the AP for insibordination?
Or all the deadlines I missed for Harvey?
Was I supposed to stop you?
Was that remorse in those eyes, those starless eyes-
I didn't know about the two Jones then, and now it may be too late.
all work and no play makes chrone a dull boy. all work and no play makes chrone a dull boy. all work and no play-
When I was a boy, my dad looked at everything the tornado destroyed and said
"Nature don't give a damn- it just rolls over everything"
What once was a man is now a force of nature, and you'll roll over all of us if I let you.
I saw you in Africa.
And the dustbuster, or T.S. Zero, as I've started calling it.
You may have gotten away but I still saw you there.
You don't fool me.
I saw you get in that thing and wink away- not fly away-
Dealy Plaza was your fault, P.F.!
So was that shit in Jersey-
It's your fault there are no zyphers in the sky- not mine!
And what was that thing you dropped?
Ghost of a madman in the palm of your hand-
Trust what he says and we'll all be damned.
(What are you doing to the timeline, Jones?)
all workand no playmakes chrone adull boy all workand noplay makeschroneadullboy
allworkandno playmakeschro-
You think you're so smart.
Laid a few booby traps, did ya?
I laid a couple myself.
What's that- you think Cam is cute?
She's gonna have a few surprises of her own-
Just you wait.
You're running out of places to hide from me.
I erase you, you erase me- on and on it goes through the centuries.
But I won't give up, 'cause I've seen what you are and know what you'll do.
London Bridge is





(I lost my fear of falling)
When you go just know that I will remember you.
No one else will, but I will.
I will remember.
I will remember you.

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