A Cacophony of Chaos

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I emerged over a Kansas courthouse and came about, waiting to see if Jones had followed.
"Any sign?"
"No, sir, but we should be a bit more discreet."
I looked over to see dozens of people exiting the courthouse and decending its front steps.
"Fine. Set down on the roof and cloak as best you can."
TS1 landed gently and I tried to think.
I really wanted a drink.

"Sir, good news- I think I can replicate Mr. Jones' weapon."
"After seeing it fire several times, I'm certain the forward array could emit the same type of discharge."
My head spun, dumbfounded by the stroke of luck.
"How could that be?"
"Sir, it's as if the array was designed to do it all along, I was just never provided with the programming. Put simply, you were given the hardware, but not the software."

Kansas Jury Condemns
Intelligent Design,
Winks Out of Existence

September 8, 2006

Yesterday spectators and court officers were shocked when Topeka judge Walter Prodijil and twelve jury members vanished into thin air after ruling against Intelligent Design theory being taught in Kansas public schools.
“We cannot be drawn into an unnecessary philosophical debate,” Judge Prodijil said on the steps of the Topeka Municipal Courthouse.
“Teaching of Intelligent Design will not be allowed in science classrooms, as it’s clearly not scientific. Our public schools are not there to teach the supernatural.”
Prodijil promptly disappeared into a puff of nonexistence
... more

How many times, how many ways, had Jones gone back and sabotaged me?
Was TS1 even meant for me originally, or did he have someone else in mind?
"What do you need to recreate it?"
"I need to make approximately 1.3 billion calculations."
"How long will that take?"
"About five more minutes."
"Good. Do it."
I had to get proactive.
My whole mission was to stop Jones from destroying the world at any cost, whether that meant killing him, erasing him or taking time travel away from him.

But it was pointless to take the dustbuster away from Jones if he could always go back and use the east wing.
I had to destroy it.
Blowing up the retro inversion core had to be a setback, but not much of one in 2008-
I thought about the explosion again.
dCertainly, that causality wave must have made life interesting for the residents of Jones Mills, but there should have been a much bigger temporal blast, unless the core sent it somewhere else.
Or somewhen else.
If the explosion had gone back in time, it would have destroyed, or at least delayed, the Temporal News Program, so it must've gone into the future.
If I got ahead of it, and sent another blast backward...

"Sir, the weapon is online."
"Good. We just need to test it, now."
As if hearing my request across the continuum, Jones' golden time chariot winked into existence above the courthouse.
"Does he see us?"
"Not yet, but it won't take long."
"Okay, we want him close. Drop the cloak and raise the shielding."
I appeared beneath the dustbuster, and it bore down quickly.
"Wait for a clean shot!"
Jones fired on me.
The time-ray ricocheted into the court parking lot, taking several cars and drivers.
"Wait for it!" I yelled.
Jones' next shot destabilized my magnetic containment, and the temporal isolation field splashed all over the courthouse steps.
Dozens more people were inflicted with the ability to see changing timelines, and began watching each other wink in and out of existence.

TS1 shot a straight ray at the dustbuster and it, much to Jones' dismay, evaporated across space-time.
"Woooo!" I shouted. "Where'd he go?"
"I sent him back to Ohio."
"Okay. We'll have to come up with a more sinister destination for that thing."
"Agreed. We should leave before Mr. Jones returns."
I had given Jones a little chin music, and it felt good.
Now I wanted to take away his toy.
And if I could bring him some unwanted attention...

"PITA, we're going back to Integrated Tech."
"Is that a joke, sir?"
"Nope, last place he'd ever expect me to go."
"Sir, I don't know how sound that logic is."
"Don't worry, I've got a plan. You're going to have to work out some calculations. And we're going to have to swing by Jersey."
"Dear God, why?"
"Remember all the fun we had in '37?"
After several seconds, PITA responded.
"Are you feeling alright, sir?" next>>>

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