Ford Motors to Shed 30,000
'Deadbeat' Employees
Is P.F. Jones? by Axel Williams
Post Detroit Reporter
September 18, 2006

Ford Motor Company, a recent acquisition of International Jones, Inc., has just announced plans to free itself of 25,000 to 30,000 parasitic employees by 2012.
The nation’s second-leading auto manufacturer is also taking steps to reduce promised pension plans, lest aging employees -who don’t even plan to work- will continue to bleed the company dry for decades.
Bill Ford, whose grandfather founded the company, even had to step down as C.E.O. just because he didn't have a clue how to fix it.
"Who told these people we'd pay for their retirement and their family's healthcare?" asked Ford. "Oh, we did?"
Ford, whose bread and butter has long been sport utility vehicles and large trucks, has been the victim of bad publicity ever since rising gas prices has brought attention to fuel-efficiency.
For more than a decade, Ford has also been losing its market share to conniving Asian auto manufacturers who insist on making higher quality, more fuel-efficient cars.
"Why doesn't someone tell Honda to cut it out?" asked Bill Ford.