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Cameron Davis

Drone Assassinations Approved for 'Those People'
by Shell Davis
PepsiCo to Sponsor Syrian Conflict
by Shell Davis
Is P.F. Jones?
  Debt Ceiling Talks Suspended for Shark Week
by Shell Davis
t Birthers Convice Obama That He Really Is a Foreigner
by Shell Davis
y CIA Embarasses Wikileaks
by Shell Davis
Three JP Execs Missing,
President Says 'Don't Dwell On It'
by Shell Davis
Chrone Osphere
  d Obama Nominates Judge Judy to Supreme Court
by Shell Davis

  Rough Flight on Air Force One
by Shell Davis

f w Last Week of the Election
by Shell Davis

China Is Still Oppressive to Women-
Even Foreign Reporters They're Trying to Impress

by Shell Davis
h Sexual Discrimination Still Dominates
Professional Workplace
  3,000 JMG Reporters Return from Writers' Strike
  How to Have Fun with a Time Machine
  Evidence of Chrone Osphere in 1993

Prolifers Protest Temporal News Program
...who was recently implicated in a sexual harassment suit by White House correspondent Shell Davis ...

  'Chrone' Is a Snivelling Manchild
by Shell Davis


White House Correspondent Sues JMG for Sexual Harassment, Child Support
"Chrone couldn't have preyed upon my client if he hadn't been given provided with the time machine by P.F. Jones."

  Ignoring the Winds of Change
by Shell Davis

Shell Davis Impregnated by Temporal News Correspondent
...I spent that evening devastated by the truth- Shelley had sex with Mr. Parker, our substitute chemistry teacher...

  Donald Rumsfeld’s Secret Memo
by Shell Davis
  Bush to Send Boy Scout Troops to Baghdad
by Shell Davis
Time Travel Deemed 'Perfectly Safe'
by Shell Davis

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