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President Obama Moves Three Hot Tubs, a Shark Tank and a White Bengal Tiger into the White House

Future of America in Hands of Three Dickheads

Is P.F. Jones?
  Poli-Sci Major Get to Third Base During Debate  
  Advisors Slip Romney Caffeine Before Debate  
Obama Wondering What Kind of Evil Shit He Could and Still Get Elected  
PepsiCo to Sponsor Syrian Conflict  
Hillary Clinton Spotted Lamenting How Much Better She Would Have Lit That Christmas Tree  
  VP Biden Ruins White House Costume Ball  
Post Owner Caught on Sex Tape with Michelle Obama  
t Birthers Convice President Obama
That He Really Is a Foreigner
sfd Glenn Beck Spends Weekend Trying to
Pin Tsunami on President Obama
  sg Egyptian Protesters Seize Control of Stargate  
  re President Obama Blows Off Tax Bill Signing  
  y Take That, America  
  e Chrone Osphere Hits P.F. Jones with a Hammer
at Chelsea Clinton's Wedding
  jp FedEx Gets General Fired, Iranian President Beheaded  


Three JP Execs Missing,
President Says 'Don't Dwell On It'
f President Obama Nominates Judge Judy
to Supreme Court
  end The Day After Health-care Passed  
  a Republicans Plan to Stink-Bomb Blair House Summit  

President Obama Spends Entire State of the Union Talking About iPad

  bar Swine Flu Vaccine Accused of 'Homo-fying' People
  Rough Flight Home from Copenhagen  
  f Marching Toward Our Socialist Death Panels  
  Obama Fixes Big Three Auto Makers  
  d Bush Steals Air Force One  
  g President Elect Obama Vows to Pardon Bush, Cheney  
  d McCain Campaign Flying Apart in the Final Week  
s Damn! I Want to Eat Palin's Ass  

Don't Put Words in My Mouth, Mr. Obama  
President Bush to Send Mississippi River
Flood Victims 'Huck Finn' Rafts
  Millenia-Old Conflict Nearing an End  
  Why America Needs President John McCain
by Chip Foxx
  Why America Isn't Ready for Barack Obama
by P.F. Jones
Meet the Democratic Primary Presidential Candidates  

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