Tim Zachery
Morning Star Gazette Reporter

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Tim was an ambitious young man who dreamed of being a journalist in the big city.
He applied to be a reporter in Scranton, thinking that once he got his foot in the door, he could transfer to the revered Post Manhattan news room.
Instead, he got stuck in Scranton writing about Easter egg hunts and park festivals.
Tim got his big break when a bumbling serial killer, The Scranton Strangler, starting grabbing headlines, even if he lost half his victims.
Tim became even more important as the serial-killer expert when the Scranton Slasher not only came onto the scene, but started out-killing the Strangler.
Tim reported as the Strangler and Slasher duked it out, getting enough material for a book deal.
Once the Strangler killed the Slasher, Tim finally got his wish- a transfer to New York.
Sadly, this enraged the Scranton Strangler, who also happened to be Tim's co-worker, Robert Lampini, who killed Tim before he could escape Scranton.