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"Gina" was born Rebecca Doddard.
After a troubled youth, Rebecca fled the country to avoid felony charges and/or college.
Five years later, she found herself surviving on the streets of Peru as a prostitute and thief.
Her last "job" was supposed to be with a drug cartel's kingpin.
After realizing the son of a bitch intended to kill her, Rebecca stabbed him in the eye with a shrimp fork, escaped the cartel's compound and fled into the Peruvian jungle.
The one-eyed kingpin pursued in his jeep, and upon catching up to her, killed an another American woman who popped up out of the brush at the last second.
It was Gina Churchill's last day in the Peace Corps. after spending the last two years building viable aquaducts for remote villages.
Gina's death gave Rebecca the precious moment she needed to get the drop on the kingpin and kill him with his own gun.
She burned the bodies in the jeep and borrowed Gina's identity.
Born anew, Rebecca flew back to the States to accept a job writing for the Post Chattanooga for which Gina had already been hired.
The new "Gina" has done well re-integrating herself into civilized life, though she has had a few bad moments.
She was transfered to the Post Atlanta after assaulting a co-worker with a stapler, but even that was for the best, as the Post Chattanooga was shut down two months later. She also had a recent incident at an Atlanta McDonalds, so you may want to keep an eye on her.